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NRI TAXATION help NRI’s file not just their Indian taxes but also their US taxes. There is a great requirement for this procedure to happen seamlessly.

We stress upon this fact because it is of utmost importance that the income you earn in either country is taxed at the accurate rates and claims/ credits against them are disclosed correctly in the tax returns.

This particular website covers the US taxes and everything you need to keep in mind tackling Double Taxation.

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Thank you all for your patience with the bank’s queries and for continually following this up with them to ensure it was all properly completed. It is a pleasure interacting with a team of thorough professionals
Kapil Sugunan (Australia)
We are very satisfied with the services provided
Arcot Suresh (USA)
Thanks again for your timely accomplished task. Well done!
Shanbhag (Singapore)
I am overall happy with the services. You are responsive, trustworthy and good to work with.
Somit Goyal (USA)
I have been utilizing their Services in the last one year and I always have felt that I am in their Capable Hands.